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For many years Eko Meble company is a Warsaw's high-quality furniture market's leader.
We consider gaining t


housands of clients as our greatest success though. Thanks to their trust we can exist in market and develop. Our big trump is collaboration with top furniture producers in Poland.
In order to cope with all the time rising requirements of clients, we are increasing our assortment all the time.

The base for our successes is not only rich furniture offer but first of all high level of customer care.
We have achieved that thanks to competence and expertness of our salesman. We are fully aware though that the final measure of our prosperity is not the number of furniture sold, but satisfaction of our client.

We have established our own, unique system of operating – friendly and open to our customer's demands. In all our furniture outlets they can count for a kind and qualified service. For your convenience Eko Meble company disposes with a transportation and assembly team, which in a professional and inoffensive for our customer's way, will transport, bring on and assembly the furniture.


Eko Meble company pays special attention to improve modern marketing actions, which are intended to ensure closest and direct contact with our client.
To make proper choice of furniture easier we are publishing our own catalogues, business guides and leaflets. .

We also pay great attention to introduce new techniques of customer services which are associated with Internet. Our website (www.ekomeble.eu) disposes with full and all the time updated offer.

We invite you sincerly
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